About the Blog

………….Ever wonder how people get the confidence of traveling alone? Living alone? Or how to be a self made instagram travel guru? Well, me too! Follow me in my day-to-day adventures in Vancouver and occasional trips in Europe to learn the secrets with me!

…………IB is a journey all itself where you learn lessons the hard way (or easy if the class and teacher ratio align into your favor. But even then……). Let me help you in your journey over the next 2 years (of pain, suffering, torture and multiple health problems) by telling you how I’m surviving and answering all the questions your little hearts desire. Let your 2 years be less suffering than you expect it to be.

Tales Of A Soul Traveler is more than a blog. It’s a piece of me. A piece of my struggles, pain, experiences, happiness, hopes, wants and dreams shared with ALL OF YOU. You lovely people who are looking for something, probably not knowing what it is just like most of us in life. Join me in an adventure of a lifetime, learning how to adult, travel smartly and others while helping you with whatever part of life you are in.