10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

Hey guys and welcome back to the blog! I took a bit of time off writing due to my hectic schedual but I am back! For today’s post I decided to tell you guys a little bit about me 🙂 I hope you enjoy the 10 Things/ Facts Most People Don’t Know About Me and feel free to comment down below a few facts about you! 🙂

1) I’m ridiculously indesisive. It took me a little over 3 months to decide what I was going to do with my hair.

2) My favourite chocolate is Toffifee. Don’t know why but, its always been Toffifee.

3) I speak 2 languages fluently (Romanian and English) and am learning 6 languages (Dutch, French, German, Russian, Turkish, and Italian).

4) My favourite sports are figure skating and soccer/football (My favourite teams are Borrusia Dortmund and the german national team). 🙂

5) My favourite subject is Geography while my least is Biology.

6) I looove dogs! My favourite dog breed is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel but I love all dogs in general!

7) I love cooking. Its super relaxing. I also like knitting.

8) My Extended Essay is an IB English category 2 essay.

9) The name that I use for this blog is a play on my real name.

10) My favourite drink is orange flavoured Fanta (unless I’m in France… then it would be Schweppes Argrum)

Until next time, bisous!

C. M.


Lancome Review Teint Miracle and Teint Idole!

Hey guys and welcome to the blog! Today’s post is going to be a review on Lancome’s Teint Mircle and Teint Idole foundations. Writing reviews is very new for me and appreciate any feedback! Let me know if you wanna know anything more about this lovely product 🙂

So a little background on this topic……while I was in France, I bought a perfume for my mother over at Galeries Lafayette at the Lancome booth! The staff was really nice, friendly and just overall lovely in helping me on my task of finding something my mom would like. They gave me a sample of the Teint Idole in the shade 03 Beige Daphne. After months of deciding I didn’t wanna try it and maybe try it for a special occasion or something, I decided to test it out and see what was up with the Lancome Teint Idole (especially since everything I have every tried from Lancome has always been amazing and I have fallen in love with them). The first thing I noticed was scent. Most (if not all) American made foundations from drugstores (Maybelline, L’oreal, etc) smell awful! They all smell like chemicals to the point I would only wear foundation unless it was a special occasion or if I was having a really horrible skin day. I just couldn’t bring myself to use it everyday. Lancome’s foundation, unlike the others, literally smells like roses! It has to be the first good smelling foundation I have ever tried (giving the fact that this is also the most expensive makeup product I have ever tried).


_ covering 3.5/5

_shade blends in extremely well 5/5

_doesn’t look cake-y what so ever 5/5

_looks natural 4/5

_Confidence boost 5/5

The biggest shock had to be after 12 hours of wear! The foundation looked pretty much exactly the same as it did when I had originally put it on. The foundation didn’t smear or run even though I went out and did my errands the day! Lancome advertises it as 24 hour wear, and I honestly believe it! Personally, I would/ don’t have the need to wear it for that long but its endurance is absolutely incredible!

Now as the title states this review is also about Lancome’s Teint Miracle. And so the second part is my first thoughts and review after a 12 hour wear!

After testing out Lancome’s Teint Idole I decided that the price was worth it and went to the nearest drug mart (Shopper’s) and decided to get the foundation. After looking at the Lancome section and comparing the different beauty products I decided to go with the Teint Miracle for two reasons

A) The testers used different names then the sample for the Teint Idole. The sample was 03 Beigne Daphne and since the testers had different names and I had a limited time frame, I decided to go with Teint Miracle which used the same names as in the phamflet given to me in France.

B) It was cheaper! By 5 dollars but it definitely makes a difference once the taxes are added on (this would not be an issue if North America would adoptEurope’s ways and add the tax in the price instead of at the till).


_ covering 3/5

_shade blends in extremely well 5/5

_doesn’t look cake-y what so ever 5/5

_looks natural 5/5

_Confidence boost 3.5/5

When I put on the Teint Miracle I definitely noticed a bit of a difference. For starters i feel as if the foundation wasn’t as covering as the Teint Idole but looked a lot more natural than the Teint Idole. It’s very lightweight and gives meaning to barefaced au naturel which Lancome advertises for this product. Like the Teint Idole, after 12 hours of wear it still looks amazing and fresh.

So which one is better? Well, thats kind of a hard question. Both are amazing product but for me personally I prefered the Teint Miracle. The Teint Idoleprovides a great deal of coverage that i personally do not need but a little surely goes a long way. Sadly though, it does not blend as nicely as the Teint Miracle. Price-wise though you are getting a bit more from the Teint Idole for 5 dollars more (depending on where you live, according to european markets price is the same).

Price Ideas (Teint Miracle vs Teint Idole)

Canadian price $50 and $55

French 46,35 € et 46,35 €

American price $47 and $47

I hope you guys enjoyed my first ever review and that it may have given you food for thought/ helped you if you were considering purchasing this product! I just wanted to disclaim that I am not sponsored by Lancome/ have any affiliations with the company. This was 110% my opinion/view on the brand and company. Also, follow me on Instagram for more updates on the blog and some great scenic photos.

Until next time, bisous!

C. M.

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